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“The collaboration will enable Gaia to leverage Fiware to enable the cost-effective creation and delivery of IoT applications and services in a variety of Future Internet areas, including Smart Cities, Smarter Manufacturing and Industrial IoT, Sustainable Transport and Logistics and even enabling modern agricultural practices.”

Bipin . P. Kumar, Co-Founder – Gaia Smart Cities

“In TeamDev we focus on daily human activities: in the towns’ life and in agriculture. Our work wants to improve the efficiency and the comprehension of the daily facts. So we built „WiseTown“ as the ecosystem to improve the interaction between citizens and municipalities giving them insights on the real-time situation of the town and supporting them on enhancing the citizens’ quality of life. On the agricultural side, we developed Agricolus suite, an award-winning platform that makes precision farming easier for farmers, union farmers, and government. We are proud to be part of SmartCities Lab and to launch with them our products in the Indian market.”

Andrea Cruciani, CEO – TeamDev

“It is our ambition to import, or to adapt, specific solutions, or to develop them from scratch, if necessary. Our goal is to improve the efficiency, health, and sustainability of as well as the quality of life in cities and communities. From our point of view, this holds added value for communities and citizens alike, be it benefits for individual citizens or in the form of climate protection, conservation of resources and sustainability. To make sure that the way for efficient solutions is paved together and early on, we also support cities with competent advice throughout the process.“

Sven-Ove Wähling, CEO – Netzlink ICT GmbH

“Ubiwhere is looking forward to supporting the SmartCities Initiatives in India with Ubiwhere’s Urban Platform and Citibrain Unified Smart Cities’ solutions, consisting of Smart Parking, Smart Traffic Management, Smart Air Quality Monitoring and Smart Waste Management. Interoperable with FIWARE, we are ready to adapt and customize our solutions for the Indian context and quick start the implementation on the SmartCities Lab.”

Rui A Costa, CEO – Ubiwhere

“My significant interest in this initiative is twofold – as coordinator of the EU-INDIA FI-MEDIA project, whose main aim is to establish partnerships between EU and India, and also an advocate of the EU’s FIWARE program spread into international countries, including India. We have already successfully established two Cluster2Cluster partnerships: 1st Smart Villages Ecosystems, and 2nd bringing EU’s FIWARE program to India, in areas related to Smart cities. The Smart City India Lab initiative seems to be a natural platform to take this work forward in a more commercial setting.“

James Clarke, Waterford Institute of Technology

“I see FIWARE as a powerful enabler for cities to develop and entrench ‘smart’ characteristics in the day to day life of its citizens. The FIWARE approach combines international experience in Smart Cities, with an approach that ensures an open, quick, inclusive and interactive adoption of Smart City elements, and can pave the way for a fast-paced and continuous Smart City development process.”

Poul V Jensen, Head of EBTC

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