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Comprehensive open online course dedicated to Open Data and IoT

The FIWARE Foundation established 2016 in Berlin, Germany, is at full speed to foster innovation in 3 main areas: Smart Cities, Agriculture and Industrie 4.0. The Smart City Lab, a ThinkTank and solution facilitator promoting and nurture the adoption of FIWARE technologies in cities on a global scale, announced today the first publicly available interactive open online course dedicated to Smart Cities and Open Data.

This is a major milestone in order to improve the communication on and about FIWARE technologies, and the course also includes a module about the eco-system and the community around FIWARE, which is an important key aspect. FIWARE today is working in 37 countries around the globe, and hundreds of cities, clusters and projects have started to adopt the available platform, components, and API in order to facilitate data related projects making the city more livable and smart.

This eLearning course is created by a team led by Gernot Böge, FIWARE Solution Architect, for anybody interested in FIWARE, Smart City projects or who are considering to work with Open Data. It is intended to be a quickstart guide with different content sections in each of the modules, for both, people with general or specific business interest and also for technically oriented people.

This is a great starting point, and the Smart Cities Lab using this course structure to provide summer schools for universities, workshops for all kind of smart city stakeholders or hackathons for developers or BarCamps.

Available Modules (linked)

  1. Course introduction
  2. FIWARE ecosystem
  3. FIWARE Lab Cloud
  4. APIs and components
  5. Docker
  6. Security
  7. Connecting IoT devices
  8. Context data platform
  9. Open Data portal and business
  10. Complex event processing
  11. Big data and BI analytics
  12. Demo app „Thunderstorm”

However, the open online course is mainly designed as a self-training course, with a lot of practical demonstrations and links into the huge repositories available for further learning and elaboration. It makes the life easier for anybody to get a structured and methodical overview.

The smart city movement has the potential to transform the very fabric of our society. By better connecting citizens to the future of their cities, through innovative use of ICT and secure high-speed communications, we are seeing the beginning of a new era for cities. During this transformation, there will be a lot of uncertainties and unknowns. City leaders and ecosystem partners will need to approach these challenges with a collaborative mindset. Smart City Lab is working together with TM Forum about creating a business framework for Smart Cities as a Platform related to the uptake of the data economy.

„Cities are platforms that power the greatest marketplaces on earth, but cities don’t yet play instrumental roles in the emerging knowledge and data economy. Cities do, however, provide the required fabric for many businesses that couldn’t possibly survive without the concentration of people and assets that exist within the city. Leading cities are now coming to terms with how to create, curate and use data to the advantage of their citizens and businesses. Developments in technology and society mean the time is right for data to become another utility in the city“ wrote Carl Piva, Vice President Strategic Programs at TM Forum, entrepreneur and leader of the work stream at TM Forum.

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