Single Digital Platform #FIWARE

All Indian states make and use of geospatial data, such as ground water, transport networks, population, land use and air temperature, and each state has its own specific way to describe the data. But our environment doesn’t stop at the border we make. Our river flows from multiple states, we share mountains, lakes, roads and the air we breathe. This becomes clearer in the time of crisis when the right choices to be made quickly. Take an example of Pasarlapudi blowout, when an oil rig blowout in 1995 near Kakinada in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. The fire continued for 65 days, 7 villages within 2 kilometers of the radius of the rig were evacuated. Several states at the same time needed data over air pollution and air quality. This data has to be comparable across borders for decision makers in the health and transport domains. Look at this region where extreme weather flooded an industrial chemical plant contaminating the river, downstream in the neighboring states people use the water for agriculture. Government and local authorities need to have data and timely information to help predict the impact on their community. But data is not always readily available, or the data is created using different standards.

Therefore, we need to work together all across the country to define common standards, to describe and share GIS data. We have to create the infrastructure for sharing spatial information between public authorities in India which will include the administration units, transport networks, protected sites, elevation, population distribution, energy resources, utility & govt. services and natural risk zones to name a few.

The data shall be provided on a single platform via website and user can be confident that the data they get can be readily combined and integrated and public authorities can be able to take more informed decisions and at the right time.

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